Understanding The Main Benefits With Wooden Fencing

Wood fencing is still one of the most popular fencing options you’ll find in¬†Northwest Florida, there are several reasons for this, they will be discussed in the remainder of this fence article.

First of all, there are several types of wooden fences you can get your hands on, these include the picket, split rail, board, privacy and post. Each of these fence types has their own use and place in different types of residential dwellings in Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola or Crestview.

So what are the main advantages of buying wooden fencing for your home?

Fencing can be expensive to install and costs can easily escalate into the mid thousands of dollars, with glass fencing escalating up to the 20’s. However, in comparison to most types, wooden fences are particularly inexpensive to buy and install. The average cost of a full wood perimeter fence would be between $7 and $14 per linear foot, with a total project cost depending on how large your enclosed space is.

Secondly, wood fences can be easily and quickly customized to suit their surrounding environment and make them fit better into the property and surroundings within which they’re installed. This means that property owners can customize their own fence design and get it just how they want it whilst still keeping costs down.

Thirdly, it’s relatively easily to maintain and also fix if anything gets damaged. Over time, wood needs treating, it also needs repair work doing to it. The cost of having this done is low and the time needed to do it is often half of that for other fencing types.

Fourthly, fencing made from wood tends to get better with age as the wood matures and sets into it’s surrounding environment. The same cannot be said for other fencing types such as metal or vinyl, both of which don’t age half as well as wood and require a lot more maintenance to keep them looking good and functioning well.

Finally, as a material wood is a very environmentally friendly choice. Trees that the wood is taken from can be regrown and fencing which is replaced can be disposed of quickly and easily. The same cannot be said for vinyl fencing.

All in all wood is a very popular choice for residential perimeter fencing because it’s cheaper than most fencing types, it’s environmentally friendly, it’s cheap to install, it’s easy to maintain and it looks good to the eye. No matter if you live in Pensacola, Navarre, Gulf Breeze or Crestview, wood fencing is a popular and efficient option for your fencing needs.

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